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Kevin Meyer, Dance Facilitator
I first experienced Sacred Circle Dance when I lived in England in 1990 and immediately fell in love with it. I started dancing weekly and went to several dance camps to absorb as much as I could. I was trained in the LongDance at Touchstone Farm in Massachusetts. When I moved to Knoxville I was ready to start a group, and it was very well received. I love to travel and have danced and facilitated in Greece, Turkey, France, England, Scotland, Morocco, and Canada.
Diane Shenk, Dance Logistics
One of the greatest blessings and joys in my life is to support Kevin’s huge passion and enduring dedication to sharing the many gifts available in Sacred Circle Dance. Never have I seen his several-hour preparations, two times a month, bring him anything but joy, serenity and groundedness. It’s never a burden. It’s his gift to us. With his extensive background in music, his inquisitive inner child and his mystic-physicist soul he brings an astounding variety of dance and music, traditional and contemporary, from around the world to share with you. Come dance with us!
About East Tennessee Sacred Circle Dance

East Tennessee Sacred Circle Dance has been weaving community dances since 1997. We create a warm welcoming space where you can experience Dance! simply for the pure joy of it. We honor many traditions and cultures and our dances are grounded in the seasons.  
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 If you can walk, you can dance! If you can talk,you can sing!

Zimbabwe proverb 
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In simplest terms, the LongDance is a moving prayer, a moving meditation, an experience of drawing aside the veils that, in our minds and in our culture, would separate us from the Source of all light, love, and compassion. As has been said before, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The LongDance reminds us of this and gives us a deep, rich, and often powerful experience of it.

In 1976 the energy of the sacred circle dance re-emerged in a new form for a New Age. The Findhorn Community in Scotland held a conference on European Spiritual Renewal, and among the invited guests were Professor Bernhard Wosien, Dance Master from Munich, and his daughter, Maria Gabrielle, who shared with the community their living knowledge of the sacred dance traditions of the West. Bernhard, although a classical dancer by profession, had studied the traditional European dances and their meaning and significance with a master who embodied a tradition transmitted through a line of teachers tracing directly back to Pythagoras. Bernhard had his own school in Munich, but for years he had been looking for a place where the spiritual essence of dance could be appreciated and where tradition could be absorbed and used as the foundation for new creations. In Findhorn he found his place, and over the years until his death in 1987, he returned again and again to share his knowledge and Being with the Sacred Dance group which was formed to receive it.

The focus of Sacred Circle Dance in Knoxville is to celebrate all the Seasons of the Earth, life transitions, joys and sorrows, connect with each other in community, and have fun! All dances are taught and no experience or partner are necessary.  
What is Sacred Circle Dance?
What is the LongDance?